Help Flooded Serbia

 Catastrophe in Serbia and Bosnia: You can help people suffering in floods


The heaviest rain and record floods have struck Serbia. This is the largest catastrophe of this kind in the region in the past 120 years. State of emergency has been declared, as many towns and villages have been flooded. In addition to this, landslides have been reported in many locations.

Thousands of people are stranded in the flooded houses and buildings. Rescuing teams, including many volunteers, are evacuating people, and bringing them drinking water, food, and other supplies.

Electricity and drinking water are scarce. Food. Blankets and clothes. Boats for evacuation. Medical supplies. Beds and accommodation. Diapers and milk for babies.

Government of the Republic of Serbia and Red Cross Serbia have opened bank accounts to help the victims.

Any amount of money that you can contribute is welcome. It can help saving someone’s life.


The town of Obrenovac, in northwest Serbia, was among the worst hit by historic floods that wreaked havoc across the Balkans. The flooding killed at least 40 people, including 14 in Obrenovac. Balkan states are struggling to cope as floodwaters from the Sava River keep spreading. The waters have even dislodged landmines left from the Bosnian War.Receding floodwater in Bosnia and Serbia is revealing the next shock: recovery from the historic flood will cost billions of euros that neither of the countries has. More than 25,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Serbia and Bosnia in the worst floods to hit the Balkans in more than a century. The Sava river, swollen by the heaviest rains since records began 120 years ago, has wreaked havoc in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia since Friday. At least 37 people have drowned or been killed by landslides mainly in Serbia and Bosnia. 


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